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How do I bring my faith to work? commonly asked by Christian working women.  Whether it is a difficult decision, a stressful colleague, a mountain of work, or a pandemic, God's Word has a principle for every business scenario.  Discovering what God says about your challenge, and taking the next steps with Him, is how you bring your faith to work. Christian Women at Work can help you each step along the way.


Business Excellence, Empowerment, Encouragement, and Enjoyment are the four pillars of authentic work that honor God and bless others. God's Word and sound business principles will demonstrate God at work... at work.  


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About Bonny

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About Bonny

Balancing family and work, facing workplace crises, stress, and conflict- Bonny is no stranger to these challenges.

She has shared in the struggles Christian women face when trying to do the right thing in the post-Christian era workplace, whether the workplace is at home, in an office or at the plant. After one trial too many, Bonny was driven to get serious about walking with the Lord at work. Doing so taught her that true fulfillment comes only by turning to God and doing things His way – by applying His principles to every aspect of your life, including your work life. 

Bonny believes that God’s Word provides a principle for every workplace situation. Her mission is to equip and encourage women to demonstrate God at work, helping them to discover what that means and how it applies to their own personal circumstances. It is her passion to see women truly find the peace and fulfillment God desires for them if they would trust Him to guide and direct their workplace responsibilities and relationships. This passion has led her to launch the ministry, Christian Women at Work.

Beginning her career as a physiotherapist, Bonny quickly became an entrepreneur, co-founding Pro Motion Physiotherapy over twenty years ago. As owner and director, Bonny has gained the respect of her profession for the quality of services provided by her clinic. Bonny is considered an expert in the field of osteoporosis and has developed “Osteo-Circuit”, an evidence-based physiotherapy program for use in hospitals and clinics.

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