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Conquering Giants at Work

"What does the Lord require of you but to do justice, to love kindness, and to walk humbly with your God." (Micah 6:8) Over the past three weeks, we have discussed strategies to decrease staff turnover. This is a crucial part of every business as every time an employee leaves, there is time, effort, and cost to replace them. Decreasing the amount of staff turnover needs to be a priority for every business. Time invested now will lead to a great return on this investment. Ten Tips to Help Keep Your Employees at Your Company: 1. Hiring the right people 2. Keeping up with the market rate and offering competitive salaries and total compensation, 3. Closely monitoring toxic employees and having a process to deal with them 4. Rewarding and recognizing employees 5. Offering flexibility 6. Prioritizing your staffs' work-life balance 7. Paying attention to employee engagement 8. Defining and developing your workplace culture 9. Standardizing performance reviews 10. Allowing opportunities for development and continuing education.

Have you started to implement any of these recommendations? If not, what do you perceive as the reason or reasons which may be blocking you from doing so?

*the idea of doing something differently? *creating something new *wondering what someone will think if you make a change *being too busy, or *fear of what might happen. Remember, you are not alone when you decide to tackle a giant of any kind. God is with you.

My husband, Dave, shared the following story from one of his sermons. This is a wonderful example of how God can help us deal with giants. "The story of Joshua and Caleb in Numbers Chapter 13 is an excellent lesson for us in our work and personal lives. As you may remember, Moses sent spies out to investigate the land God had promised to the Israelites and to bring a report back. Moses was likely expecting to hear how rich the land was in produce. He perhaps also hoped to get some suggestions on the best tactic for advancing his people's migration into their new home. Instead, he was shocked to discover that the spies came back with mixed reviews. The land was indeed a "land flowing with milk and honey," as God had promised, but there were serious problems. In fact, some of the people living there were giants, and the cities were well fortified. This would be too much for the Israeli army to cope with! Two of the spies, Caleb and Joshua, disagreed. They claimed that the land could be conquered with God on their side. Alas, they were shouted down by the terrified mob and even threatened with death. We know how the story ends. God was angry with the Jews and sentenced them to 40 years of wandering in the desert until every rebellious adult had died, except Caleb and Joshua. Then the Israelites could enter the Promised Land. When the time came for the invasion, Joshua (who was now in command) sent spies to check out Jericho, the most fortified city in the land, and they discovered something very interesting. In Joshua chapter 2, we learn they met Rahab, a prostitute. And what did she inform them? The inhabitants of Jericho were terrified of the Jews because God was on Israel's side! So, how does this apply to you and me? How often at work are you afraid or worried about a situation? You find it difficult to sleep, your appetite is affected, and you dread facing that giant issue. Perhaps you have prayed about it, but fear still haunts you. It might help you realize that your problem is much smaller than our God. This doesn't mean that the issue isn't real or serious. Hebrews tells us that through faith, Rahab did not perish! This prostitute is listed in the hall of fame of the faithful because she saw what the original spies missed. That when God is on your side, you will succeed. She lived by faith; they lived by fear! Does this mean you will conquer your problem if you just have enough faith? Perhaps, but only God knows the beginning from the end. What I can guarantee you, though, is that if you give the problem to God, He will steer your path and walk with you through the issue. You might be surprised by the result, but you will not be disappointed!" What do you perceive as a "giant" (or barrier) which is keeping you from trying one of the above ten tips?

  • Remember, all the Lord requires from you is to do the right thing, do it kindly and walk humbly with Him. You can do this with any of the tips.

  • Listen to the advice of others but don't let them "shout you down." They may be doing this because they have their own giants!

Make a plan to deal with one of the tips, design the right strategy, be kind to others if there is "kick-back," and ask God to be with you as you do what you believe is the right thing. May God richly bless you this week! Bonny, Christian Women at Work


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