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God at Work... at Work: the Wisdom of Advisors

When invited to speak at a business women’s event, I was given a list of questions and asked to choose one to talk about. I decided upon, ‘Knowing what you know now, what would you do differently?’ This was quite easy to answer as I would have ‘had many advisors.’

When people enter into a business together, it is common to choose someone who has a similar style and attitude. Although this can be positive in terms of fewer disagreements, it can also be negative as a business person misses out on another’s different perspective of analyzing and problem-solving. My business partner for the first fifteen years was someone I knew well; we had similar experiences and a similar approach to dealing with people and making decisions.

It is wise to ask for advice from others regarding decisions that need to be made. Advice helps you make the best decision as someone else can:

• clarify a situation,

• put our thoughts into words,

• decrease the “business emotion” which is always close to an owner’s heart & mind,

• and provide other things to consider.

Did you know that having many advisors is a biblical proverb?

“Plans fail for lack of wisdom, but with many advisors they succeed.” (Proverbs 15:22)

Asking for advice is a beautiful way to take your faith to work.

When we start a new business, we want to be very careful our financial resources that are usually limited. . You will be the expert in your field of business, but you cannot be an expert in everything you need to know and understand. However, there is tremendous value in consulting with legal, financial, and human resource professionals. This will save you time, stress, and money in the moment and in the future. I would have saved much time (and heartache) if I had consulted with specific professionals as opposed to trying to figure out everything on my own.

Here are five steps to obtaining wise advice and using it wisely:

1. Turn to God first for wisdom and seek His advice.

2. Establish a group of people from other professions you can turn to for advice.

3. Establish a group of people from your profession you can turn to for advice and share advice with.

4. Develop a group of trusted Christian friends and family you can turn to for advice.

5. Read God’s Word for further direction and confirmation of how to wisely use the advice that has been provided.

Seeking advice from others does not necessarily mean you will do what they suggest. It is about seeking input from trusted professionals, colleagues, and friends who you trust to give good advice.

This week, take time to:

1. Make a list of professionals your business would benefit from hiring or consulting with.

2. Develop a network of colleagues with whom you can mutually share ideas and concerns

3. Pray for God’s wisdom every workday as you commit to honor Him and bless others in the business He has provided for you. In this way, you are taking your faith to work.

May God richly bless you this week as you consider from whom you are obtaining advice in the management of your business.

Have a great week.

Bonny Christian Women at Work

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