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Quiet Time: In His Presence

“Because He bends down to listen, I will pray as long as I have breath.” Psalm 116:2 Have you determined a place in the morning to meet with God that is quiet, calm, comfortable, clutter free, free of distractions and not likely to be needed by others? We know God meets us everywhere and anywhere, but spending the first part of your day quietly with Him leads to a peaceful filling of your soul. God has made us all individuals with particular strengths, styles and situations. Therefore, the issue is not necessarily “how” you do something, but that you do it in a way which honors God. Being quietly in His presence at the start of your day will become something you will always look forward to and will be individual to you.

  • You may want to pray before you sit in His presence.

  • You might prefer to sing a worship song.

  • You decide to read a verse of scripture.

  • You can just want to sit quietly with your head bowed with a focus on concentrating on Him. Not focusing on your day but rather focusing on Him.

  • You could visualize God is bending down to listen.

  • You might want to focus on an attribute of God.

  • You may want to look out the window at His creation and reflect on the awesomeness of the God you serve.

God’s Word is full of His glory and He tells us about the gifts He wants to give us. Consider the following 12 things God gives us when we spend time in His Presence:

  1. Joy: Psalm 16:11

  2. Help: Psalm 27:9

  3. Safety: Psalm 18:2

  4. Protection: Psalm 7:1

  5. Shelter: Psalm 9:9

  6. Refuge: Psalm 16:1

  7. Strength: Psalm 46:1

  8. Comfort: Psalm 23:4

  9. Love: Psalm 119:76

  10. Courage: Psalm 31:24

  11. Rest: Psalm 62:1

  12. Peace: Psalm 29:11

Our day at work will be filled with decisions, tasks, time-frames and choices. We may not be able to control what unfolds during our day but we can control how we start it. When we spend time in His Presence at the start of each day, He gives us everything we need for every moment of our day. Being in His Presence brings more than we can ask for. You may be pondering a certain attribute of God such as His peace, or love or strength as you sit quietly in His Presence, or you may concentrate on His Majesty. Let the love of God bask over you as you sit in His Presence and concentrate on Him. It is the perfect way to start your day.

May God richly bless you this week as you commit to spending quiet time in His Presence. Have a great week! Bonny, Christian Women at Work

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