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Taking Your Faith to Work: Five Steps to Overcoming Fear - Part 1

"Whoever listens to Me will live in safety and be at ease, without fear of harm." (Proverbs 1:33)

What do you envision when you hear the word "fear?"

  • Do you think about being unable to move, or move forward?

  • Are you recalling times when your heart raced, or your sweating hands?

  • Have you remembered feeling a sense of trepidation?

Fear can be defined as "an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain or a threat." Fear can be caused by something dangerous or a belief something dangerous might happen.

Most fears at work are not physical. Instead, they are often a fear of something possibly happening, or a feeling of not being able to adequately cope with something or someone.

There are healthy fears and non-healthy fears. Fear of public speaking, failure, embarrassment, and/or losing one's job are common fears.

Knowing what is a potentially dangerous situation and taking steps to avoid it would categorize a healthy fear. For instance, perhaps you are asked to physically do something you have not been adequately trained in and are therefore fearful. That is reasonable fear and a warning not to do something due to the likelihood of harm. You may have been asked to head up a team but do not feel ready for this responsibility and are afraid of what will happen. This is also a reasonable fear. But unhealthy fears, such as worries about what may or may not occur, keep us from taking the next step God wants us to take.

It is the unhealthy fears for which we need a strategy to deal with, and that strategy is grounded on our faith in God. God has promised that we can live without fear of harm when we turn to Him and listen to His direction. It is time to turn to God if you have any fears. He has a strategy for you.

This week, consider the following five steps:

  1. Acknowledge you are afraid. What concern or stress are you dealing with at work that is still a problem? Jot them down.

  2. Identify your fear. What exactly is it? Sometimes, you may need to go a little deeper. Maybe it is not a fear of public speaking but rather a fear of rejection. It may not be a fear of taking the promotion but rather a fear of failure. What do you think it is? Write down your response.

  3. Be honest about your difficulties. What keeps you awake at night or from taking the next step? Is it fear of the unknown? Fear of what people may think or say? What do you think it is? Make time to examine these questions and be honest with your answers.

  4. Acknowledge a possible lack of courage. If you could have moved forward already, you would have. Recognize your need for His strengthening. That is a good thing.

  5. Commit to seeking God. At this point, you must commit to spending time with God every day to determine what He wants your next step to be.

Taking This to God In Prayer

Heavenly Father, Thank You for Your promise that when I turn to You, I can live safely, remain calm and not be fearful of harm. Lord, I know the first step in this promise is to take time to listen to You. Lord, help me be organized enough that I not only take time to pray and read Your Word but also regularly quiet myself before You as I listen to You. Help me to fully surrender my worries to You so I can participate in the fantastic things yYu have planned for me. In Jesus' Name, Amen.

May God richly bless you as you determine today is the day you turn to God to deal with fears. Have a wonderful week!

Bonny, Christian Women at Work

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