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Taking Your Faith to Work: Stay Even Tempered

"The one who has knowledge uses words with restraint, and whoever has understanding is even-tempered." (Proverbs 17:27)

When everyone agrees at work and is on the same page, staying cool, calm, and collected is easy. However, this is not always the norm! Sometimes, someone has disagreed with what you have done or said, misunderstood your intentions, or caused a disruption or delay in what you need to do. How do you usually react in those circumstances? Do you “lose your cool”? Or do you remain even-tempered, no matter how difficult the situation?

Being even-tempered is one way you can take your faith to work with you: by reacting to a difficult situation with a base of faith, not frustration.

  • How can you remain even-tempered when things around you are chaotic and stressful?

  • How do you “keep your cool” when everyone around you is losing theirs?

Recognizing that being even-tempered is not reflective of a lack of care is essential. Instead, it is reflective of an ability to keep your calm in a situation when you need to use your energy to solve a problem. If you are remaining composed and working to resolve a concern, this may help others behave similarly.

There were indeed opportunities to be “even-tempered” with the changes COVID brought to businesses. In our physiotherapy clinic, there were times when we were allowed to be open and times when we needed to close. We needed to deal with not only the changes happening as a business but also be sensitive and caring to the personal and family changes our staff was dealing with. Some could physically come to work, and some could not come due to family responsibilities. Throughout the pandemic, I prayed for wisdom to do what needed to be done. Being even-tempered not only helped me think clearly, but I believe the sense of calmness also gave confidence to staff and patients during a time of much upheaval.

We can better deal with a situation when we are prepared for it. You may be taken by surprise by what has happened (like COVID!), but you never have to doubt how you should consistently react. Therefore, commit to controlling your reaction to a stressful situation by deciding ahead of time never to lose control of your emotions. Instead, commit to gathering knowledge, use words with restraint, and remain even-tempered.

Taking This to God in Prayer

Dear Heavenly Father, I desire to honor You in all I do and say. There will be times at work when I need to deal with stressful or upsetting situations. Help me to never “lose my cool” and react foolishly. Please give me the wisdom to stay calm in every situation, seek knowledge and understanding, and use my words with restraint. I know I cannot do this on my own strength. I humbly ask for Your strength and guidance to react in a way which is pleasing to You. In the Name of Jesus, Amen.

This week, commit to “keep your cool” and ask God for the wisdom and strength to do just that. Have a wonderful week, and God bless!

Bonny, Christian Women at Work


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